Atlanta Bound!

Hello again! This week I will be in Atlanta, GA from Tues. Sept. 18th through Thurs. Sept. 20th for the Worship FX Conference - There are two reasons for this trip:

FIrst I will be on a discussion panel with one of the many exhibitors discussing streaming live and time-shifted technology - As many of you know, we use Wowza Media Systems for our high quality stream to Blue Valley - See the links located on the side bar for true representation. The embedded link is a Ustream feed that most of our viewers see. I try to separate the masses from our Wowza stream so our Blue Valley folks have an unit erupted sermon view each Sunday.

Secondly, Hillcrest has been nominated for the Solomon Award - This awards program is designed to recognize churches and their partners for:

Excellence in facilities design
Technical production

Since church size and budgets are significant constraints, certain awards are given within designated size categories. Churches of all sizes are encouraged to apply! Winners will be announced at WFX on Wednesday, September 19th. Keep your fingers crossed.

Even if Hillcrest is not elected for this award, I am still quite amazed at what this church, the people and it’s volunteers have provided to get to this point. It’s only been 4 years since we ventured into multisite and the video led technology to make that a reality, and I think we have come a long way in a short amount of time. You all our the best, and Robert and I could not have done it without your continued service.

Our New SIte!

Well, by now you all have seen the revised additions to our site. Just to give you some history on the inner workings...

We began this journey in late November, 2008. Our first site was really just a blog site. It’s actually still up at Maybe I should take it down. All the blog entries will be reposted here for archival as they were with our previous site. But that was it for about 2 years. Then I built a new site with iWeb around April, 2010. I still have that locally, but most of the feature set like RSS feeds and Photo Gallery went away when MobileMe moved to iCloud.

This new site is created with Rapid Weaver, again two years later after iWeb. I love this application - For $79 it beats Adobe DreamWeaver on cost alone. Very easy to use. If you get stuck there’s plenty of tutorials online as well as a subscribed Learning School for going beyond the essentials.

Since using Rapid Weaver, I have built 6 sites using their starter templates:


So, if you’re curious about this stuff and want to help maintain our sites, let me know. I will have all the intro and advanced tutorials online in a few weeks to get you started. Robert has also become a wiz with Rapid Weaver. He maintained Intersections and the 50th when they were being used. But his bread and butter has been WordPress. So if you have a WordPress site already and need some enhancements, Robert is your man!

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