Interns and volunteers welcomed!

Internships are available! We offer a great way to learn and grow in a variety of skills.

We are always taking new volunteers for our Sunday service schedule.

No experience required!
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Pre, Post, & Live Production!

Here are some of the things we do on a weekly basis:

- live worship and video production with 4 cameras, HD switcher, 2 graphics systems, audio engineering, and media playback led by an all volunteer crew,
- live streaming for our multi-site venue through Wowza Media Systems and,
- minor post production with Final Cut Pro X for the sermon DVD, Facebook announcements and Vimeo on-demand,
- field & studio production for various video elements

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Applications used:

- Apple Final Cut Pro X & 7 and FCP Studio 3 including Motion and Compressor extensively, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign CS5, Apple Aperture 3, iLife '11, Apple KeyNote & Pages, Renewed Vision's ProPresenter 5, & Planning Center Online.
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Equipement List:

- 1 Nikon D800 DSLR Camera with Atomos Ninja2 for ProRes Capture and Red Rock Micro Configuration
- 1 Panasonic HPX-170 HD P2 Camcorder
- 3 Panasonic PTZ Remote Cameras (AW-HE100) with Controller (AQ-RP655N)
- 1 Ross Crossover 12 MultiFormat Switcher
- 2 Panasonic DLP Projectors (PT-D5700) one at each site
- 2 DaLite 16x9 screens - one at each site
- 2 Intel Zeon MacPros one running Final Cut 7 and the other ProPresenter 5
- 1 iMac 24" running ProPresenter 5 at off site campus
- 1 G5 PowerMac running Keynote
- 1 Intel MacMini running Wowza Media Server 3.0
- 1 Hai Vision Makito HD 1080p H.264 Encoder
- 1 MacBook Pro 15" for Playback stream

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Tech Team Positions:

Worship Producer – Oversees Sunday morning services. Manages technical aspects from both sites, initiates live stream and recordings for all services.
Stage Manager – Runs the rehearsal time prior to first service and manages stage presence during service.

Director – Responsible for the overall visual look of the recording, stream feed and house monitor feeds each Sunday morning.

Switcher Operator – Takes direction from the Director as it relates to camera shots, graphics, and minor audio monitoring.

Graphics Operator (ProPre) – Implements lyrics, videos and backgrounds for on-screen purposes during all services.

Graphics Operator (KeyNote) – Implements PowerPoint like visuals for teaching pastor during sermon. Camera Operator (Remote) – Controls and operates 3 isolated remote cameras during all services.

Camera Operator (Manned) – Controls and operates 1 tripod based camera in sanctuary during all services. Sound Operator – Operates 48 channel mixer at front of house position during services.

Sound Operator – Operates 48 channel mixer in Control Room for Live Stream during services. Lighting Operator – Operates light console based on pre-defined light cues during services.

PCO Live Moderator – Moderates Planning Center Online Live to coordinate between run time cues between both sites.

Live Stream Moderator – Initiates and moderates UStream live during both services.

Social Media Commentator – Follows our Twitter, Facebook & Ustream feeds and provides commentary and a welcoming presence to those following online every Sunday morning and periodically during the week.

ProPresenter Producer – Builds and assembles Sunday morning playlists for both services usually on Friday mornings.

Sermon & Event CD/DVD Producer – Builds and assembles CD’s and DVD’s from recorded sermons and events usually on Monday mornings.

Note: High-K Media has been featured in blog sites and online magazines in various publications as well as Church Production magazine. We offer internships as well as complete training in the above areas. No experience necessary prior to volunteering with the tech team. If you feel God has called you to one of these positions, send us your info and tell us a little bit about yourself.